Vianet uses strategic design as a means to define, drive, implement and support innovation processes.
Vianet focuses on two main areas – design practice and research activities – through the following processes:

  • Set up of iterative design loops in order to foster and drive both technology-push innovation and meaning-driven innovation
  • Engagement of end-users and relevant stakeholders in the design process (co-design, participatory design, emergent design, design for use before use)
  • Piloting infrastructures to test social, cultural, economic implications of innovation ideas put in contexts
  • Design and implementation of services based on advanced technology: interactive experiences, information aesthetics visualizations, e-learning digital platforms, responsive architecture.

Vianet works across academia, industry and public sphere, actively collaborating with government, public administrations and citizens.

Founded in 1993, Vianet is headquartered in Rome (Italy), with commercial hubs in Malmö (Sweden) and Boston.