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DARC & HA App, in collaboration with Archeoverse (

DARC, Digital Archaeology, starting from the detection of archaeological findings underground to the reconstruction of its 3D virtual model; the solution already includes the Hidden Archaeology app on smartphones, which shows visitors the reconstruction of the assets still buried, with realistic examples of significant effect for visitors.
DARC & Hidden Archaeology generate a sure impact on visitor engagement and professional connection.

STEP, in collaboration with Tor Vergata University and Sapienza (

Social Tourism Experiential Platform is a social-tourist platform to enhance and promote sites, cultural heritage and territories on the internet and social networks
It adds new layers with relevant content – storytelling, traditions, folklore, and visitors’ opinions
Tourists take an active role, intense participation and collaboration in exhibitions, encouraging visits and contributions of new audiences
STEP uses AI techniques to capture on the internet and social media the site’s immaterial assets, improving its visibility and dissemination on tourist channels
Vianet works in a team with Tor Vergata University and Sapienza, piloting the STEP solution in rural communities
«Locum soul» or spirit of the place: the ability of an area, territory, or region to influence the activities, design, or thoughts of people
Founded on territorial identities and cultural heritage – including its intangible assets such as history, traditions, folklore, arts and crafts, music and dance
The platform has data analysis functions of the territory and aggregates conversations, themes, and imaginary visitors who already know
It allows interaction between communities and tourists through two technologically innovative elements: AI systems are applied to extract data, their semantic analysis, and identify correspondences and correlations between the data, developing innovative interfaces that are highly usable for using data
STEP technologies make available vast sets of information and textual and visual content through a tagging system and other identification and aggregation systems

Vianet and its partners personalize the socio-cultural platform according to the territory’s specific needs to enhance it and encourage national and international tourism.

AIREP, in collaboration with Archeoverse ( and the Duke University

AI Rethinks the Past, in collaboration with Archeoverse ( AI is applied to reimagine age-old landscapes and learn from old stories to comprehend the future. The ancient environment study can reveal highly complex phenomena across the cultural heritage, the environment, the humans, and natural transformations
The analysis also aligns with the paradigm that Europe’s cultural heritage reflects our past, shapes our present, and builds our future
AIReP allows visitors to experience emotions that deeply capture their interest and be an educational and immersive engagement.