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Giovanni Simeone

Giovanni Simeone has a degree in experimental physics and is CEO and Business Innovation Architect at Vianet, the company he founded 30 years ago.
Giovanni is also a strategic consultant at Archeoverse, a creative and innovative start-up focusing on digital archaeology and improving the experience of visitors and new audiences.
Giovanni builds and manages teams that participate in European applied research plans and international consortia to enhance cultural sites and territories, promote them, and encourage tourism, increasing the growth and satisfaction of visitors and stakeholders.

Mauro Simeone

Mauro Simeone is a Project Manager with 20 years of experience; in his career, he has managed working groups and followed technological innovation projects (Horizon2020, LazioInnova, DTC Lazio, Lazio Region, etc.), interfacing with international realities and achieving the set results.
Mauro holds a degree in Sociology and specializes in advertising and the development of dissemination and communication strategies. He also has a Diploma of Advanced Training in Mediation and Negotiation, to empathize with interlocutors and use active listening techniques.
He has participated in projects for Iperclub, CTS, Turner Broadcast, Ferrero, Horizon 2020 (3D Tuning In and Pluggy), and DTC (Artemisia, Ciabot, Roma, STEP, Archeoverse).

Alfredo Moraci

Alfredo Moraci, PhD, is an archaeologist and works in digital archaeology since 2009.
Alfredo’s main activities include topographic surveys using laser scanners, photogrammetric, lidar, and image acquisition from UAV; geo-radar prospections and restitution of processed data; and measurement campaigns carried out by integrating range and image-based technologies into dedicated procedures, such as capturing reality or processing clouds and surfaces, using various software.

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