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Who We Are

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Our Values

At Vianet, we are driven by experience and enthusiasm toward our fundamental goal: increasing end-user satisfaction.
This objective allows our client to grow, boost its revenue, reduce costs, increase the return on its investments, and improve its competitive position in the relevant market.
We measure our success through that of our customers: a long-lasting partnership – because one satisfied customer leads to more and reduces our marketing costs.

Our Approach

We have always believed in innovation, originality, and applied research. Our solutions are always meaningful, influential, and effective: they are not born looking at the competition but are rooted in our clients’ needs and originate from our creativity That is also why we have over one hundred partners, equally distributed in Italy, Europe, and worldwide: with them, we maintain profitable joint relationships and long-term collaborations.


The expected results are the cultural, social, and economic impact.
For example, our end-user engagement activity translates into a concrete improvement in citizens’ quality of life.
Indeed, it expedites citizens’ active participation in enhancing and propagating a wise and informed usage of culture. In turn, that enhances a participatory democratic process as culture is a universal language, making it possible to deepen peoples’ education, develop communication with others, and establish social relations. Learning the teachings handed down by ancient generations allows young people to understand the needs of others better. That means accepting gender differences, reducing breed disparity, disregarding skin colour, overcoming social and religious differences, determining the demands of people with disabilities, communicating better with others, and participating more actively in a socially useful life.

Our Framework

Compliance with the rules, the level of quality, transparency, and the privacy of the customer are the prerequisites of our professional but substantial commitment.