Vianet and DTC

Vianet is a partner of DTC Lazio, Centre of Excellence of the Cultural Technological District of Lazio Region; it consists of more than 1,000 researchers focused on cultural heritage working at University departments, research centres and innovative and creative private companies in the centre-western region in Italy, including Rome.

DTC expertise includes the following:

  • Technologies for arts, archaeology and cultural assets;
  • IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Robotics;
  • Digital technologies for architecture, territorial knowledge, urban regeneration, design;
  • Technologies for the development and sustainable management of territorial resources and tourism;
  • Monitoring and quality of the outdoor and indoor environment, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Vianet is developing several projects with its DTC partners, particularly with La Sapienza University, Tor Vergata University, CNR, INFN and other distinguished research and innovation departments.